A thought

It came to me recently that my parents and I actually do the same thing in our careers/research (so far): saving lives. However it appeares that the funding is at very different levels between the two areas in almost every aspect. The difference is so huge, both in terms of public and private sources. Even though it is likely that more people die very year as a result of traffic crashes compared to some kind of cancer. And even worse, nobody would thank us (road safety researchers/engineers), at least not in the same way the doctors would receive.

Ok, maybe it is unfaire to compare these two very different areas, but even within transport sector, it seems much more efforts were put on areas such as reducing congestion. It should however be noted that the cost of traffic crashes is higher than the cost of traffic congestion in the US, and they are about the same in the UK. Well, I’m not too optimistic about the situations in China (I don’t think they even have a proper database for traffic crashes). It is clear that this is not good for the ecosystem of research, if government or local authorities don’t act approporiately.

Anyway who cares about road safety. Just let it go…

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6 Responses to A thought

  1. Zhenhua says:

    The fundings would be even less if Conservative wins the election.

  2. Eric says:


  3. 忠裕 says:

    虽然我们的相同点在于:saving life,但是differences更多一些:我们在前台,你们在后台;我们是演员,你们是编剧;我们是直接的,你们是间接的;so nobody thanks yours.

  4. TAO says:

    If you stay at home and do nothing, you wont have traffic accidents.If you stay at home and do nothing, you will have illness.That is the difference.

  5. Chao says:

    "stay at home and do nothing"… 难道此人得了抑郁症。。。关于不同,那自然有很多,譬如,之于health care,是外部性问题;之于其他交通问题(congestion, environment),是没有每日可见的表面的显著性,遂没有什么政绩可言。

  6. Chao says:

    PS. 在家里什么不干也不会得艾滋(我想是这样吧。。。)不过我看人们对它的热情比对交通安全大得多。。。;而且在家什么不干也会得病,得了病就要去医院,去医院就要出门儿。。。

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