Finished Sailor Moon R

Finally, finished watching Sailor Moon (TV) the first season and R by yesterday…

My general feeling is that the first season much better than R. The first season is so romantic… or maybe I just need a fairytale… Many touching scenes, everyone has a story; every fight has a good reason, and the ending is perfect. Even the music is impressive.

R中的敌人变得silly了很多("Born stupid, die stupid"),而且分成两个完全不相干的两段,一开始的Ali和En似乎就是为了让各位主角Return而存在的。想First Season的结尾真是完美,我都怀疑是不是作者原本没打算让她们Return的。R的两个亮点算是前一段的四角关系有点搞笑还有后面Chibi-Usa(英文字幕。。。)比较可爱(但也不至于发展成大篇的babysitting吧?)。再说那个招式有必要“升级”两次么,当然Venus Love-Me Chain还是很帅的(名字也很有意义啊…)。

说起来Sailor Moon真是命大,也多亏了敌人比较傻。毕竟是主角,不那么容易挂。这点让我想起金庸,让我很是佩服:倚天屠龙记写到1/4多,“主角”张翠山和殷素素居然就那么死了,让人称奇;这还不提雪山飞狐的实际主角胡一刀根本没出现过,只在众人的谈话和回忆中。。。

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3 Responses to Finished Sailor Moon R

  1. says:

    seems good. i might ask Tao to download it from the website if it’s available.

  2. Chao says:

    Yes… I got it from web. I still have it on my disk, let me know if you want.

  3. 正霖 says:

    Sailor moon…暴汗!

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